Hot & Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve for Knee Calf Ankle Pain Relief

Hot & Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve for Knee Calf Ankle Pain Relief Black

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Color: Black
Size: S(9"-12")
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【360° coverage Cold Therapy : Tolaccea cold therapy compression sleeve conforms to your body perfectly and provides 360 degrees of compression therapy and 100% coverage of the treatment area.

【Wearable Cold Pack】: Tolaccea freeze compression sleeve effectively supports and stabilizes injuries with total mobility when using it without velcro or straps. This flexible ice pack is more convenient and ideal for people who play basketball, tennis, golf, football, soccer, run or climb.

【Gel Ice Pack for Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Hamstring, Calf, Ankle】: The hot & cold therapy ice pack is multifunctional and ideal ice wrap for elbow, wrist, knee, hamstring, calf, ankle. This pain relif cold pack is also great for recovery of meniscus, ACL, MCL, bursitis.

【Flexible and Reusable Cold Pack】: This ice pack wrap is made of cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel with slip on design comfortable and versatile for injuries recovery.

【Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack】: This compression cold pack is both microwave and freezer safe, allowing you to use hot or cold therapy depending on your needs; Maintains flexibility when hot or cold.

Tolaccea Wearable Sleeve Ice Pack.

Tolaccea sleeve ice packs are very popular all over the world, they are loved by everyone for they's wearable, flexible, excellent effect and reliable quality, they could be used anywhere on the limbs to support pain relief and auxiliary inflammation treatment.

Say bye to hard and troublesome traditional ice packs.

  • 360 degree full coverage, 15 mins quickly relieve pain and faster recovery.
  • Tolaccea sleeve ice packs effectively support and stabilize injured or vulnerable areas without sacrificing mobility.
  • Tolaccea sleeve ice packs are made of cutting-edge material and expert-gel, it remains soft even after freezing, and it's very cozy to wear.
  • To avoid frostbite or scald, never apply cold or hot compression for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Hand wash with a damp towel, do not submerge sleeves in water. Then lay flat and air dry. Do not machine wash.

Microwave and Freezer Safe.

Cold Therapy:

Place the Tolaccea sleeve ice pack in a freezer at -4 ℉(-20 ℃) for 1-2 hours for immediate use. If a colder temperature is needed, freeze it longer with lower temperature.

Hot Therapy:
  • Place the Tolaccea sleeve gel pack in the microwave with a clean plate.
  • Microwave for 1 minute at maximum power, if more heat is needed, microwave in 1 minute increments.

Wearable Ice Pack Sleeve

Support Moving Around Freely.

The Wearable sleeve ice pack allows you to make the daily therapy on the go whenever and wherever you are.

Remains Soft Even After Several Hours Or Days Of Freezing.

The Tolaccea sleeve ice pack is made of soft solid gel which is flexible, reusable and safe without leaking, and remains soft even after several hours or days of freezing.

Thigh and Hamstring Protection.

The Tolaccea sleeve ice pack not only is used for hot and cold therapy, but also protect your thigh and hamstring while training.


Tolaccea Revolutionary Hot & Cold Therapy

  • An alternative solution to medication
  • Child-friendly, nontoxic, & leakproof
  • Stabilizing and supporting inflamed elbow or knee joints.
  • Great for recovering sore muscles & treating joint inflammation.
  • Post-surgery rehab routine to minimize swelling. Sooth injured muscles, joints, and tissues.
  • Relief from arthritis, inflammation, tendinitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and orthopedic discomfort.