About Us

We are a company that really knows you


Tolaccea is found by an ordinary housewife. After this woman gave birth to a child, she became obese from being slim & beautiful,  and the household chores made her worse. Couldn't stand the status, she finally decided to lose weight and participate in regular outdoor activities to relieve stress. She knows that it's important to take care of the family as well as her body. However, the high-intensity fitness in the early stage made her very tired. In order to relieve the fatigue, she came up with an idea to make a wearable ice sleeve, and then an ice hat and ice wrist sleeve. . . With her own efforts, she finally returned to her previous figure and fell in love with outdoor sports. She has invented many new and valuable products based on the real needs of herself and outdoor enthusiasts.


This is the value of Tolaccea, making products that sports and outdoor enthusiasts really need, helping them love sports and life.