Tolaccea Reusable Gel Cold Therapy Sock for Hot & Cold Therapy

Tolaccea Reusable Gel Cold Therapy Sock for Hot & Cold Therapy

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  • Immediate Relief: Easy to use cold therapy sock for foot care. Ideal for sore feet, Arthritis, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sprained, Swelling, and Post-Surgery Recovery. An excellent at-home cold therapy solution that provides relief in minutes.
  • Easy To Use: No need to replace/fill ice packs. Say no to messy and inconvenient methods like a zipped bag of lumpy ice which never seemed to cool the right spot. It remains soft after freezing and does not affect free movement after wearing. Experience our cool socks for long-lasting relief.
  • Hot & Cold Therapy: Tolaccea Cold therapy sock for cold and heat therapy depending on your needs. The expert gel locks in cold or heat for a long time for better penetration into your foot and ankle.
  • Professional Cutting-Edge Materials: It is made of Lycra fabric and expert-grade thick solid gel, durable, soft, skin-friendly, and reusable. It can effectively relieve foot inflammation, pain, and postoperative recovery.
  • Certified Safe and Fully Guaranteed: Using a hot or cold compress is a natural and effective way to fight inflammation and promote faster recovery. Moreover, Tolaccea's customer support team provides after-sales support and services to customers worldwide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Tolaccea Sock Ice Pack for Hot & Cold Compression Therapy

Tolaccea Gel Cold Therapy Sock is very popular all over the world, and is loved by everyone for its Wearable, Flexible, Reusable, Excellent effect, and Reliable quality.

Get Instant Relief From Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Swelling, Sprained, Heel Pain And More.

Say bye to hard and troublesome traditional ice packs.

Tolaccea Gel Cold Therapy Sock for Injuries effective 360 degree wrap aound the entire ankle, apply cold compression for the sore ankle, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon injuries, sprained ankle, stress fractures and foot arthritis.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Tolaccea compression cold pack is both microwave and freezer safe, allowing you to use hot or cold therapy depending on your needs; Maintains flexibility when hot or cold.

Extended adjustable compression straps

  • Give your ankle better support to reduce Pain and Swelling.
  • Continuous compression helps to soothe overworked muscles.
  • Effectively supports and stabilizes injured or vulnerable areas without sacrificing mobility.

Remains Soft Even After Freezing

  • Made from expert-grade solid gel and fabric, soft and comfortable.
  • With physical therapy, there is no need to worry about side effects.
  • Moderate compression pressure, increases blood circulation, helps to relieve arthritis, injury, and pain

Enjoy life to the fullest!

Relieve constant pain and swelling in your ankle and foot with our Gel Cold Therapy Sock!

Using targeted compression, Help support stiff and sore muscles and joints. Don’t let injuries and inflammation affect your daily passions!